Directed by Daniela Schneider



After Juan suffers a brain stroke, his family tries to keep the routine. Even though much time has passed, he still struggles to learn how to live, how to get along, and how to keep the harmony within the family. While Juan distracts himself with horror movies, his wife Alicia does it with memories of her glory days as a model. Matías, Juan’s only son, struggles to find a place in the midst of this permanent pause.


Carmen López Vicarte

Jorge Bartolucci

Julián González de León

Technical info

Original title: Cesado

Country: México

Release: 2011

Original language: Spanish

Length: 90 min

Category: Fiction

Genre: Drama

Super 16 mm | Color | Aspect ratio 1:1.85


Directed by  Daniela Schneider

Written by  Daniela Schneider and Martin Escalante

Producers Paola Herrera, Enrique Rivero, Daniela Schneider and Gerardo Moran

Executive Producer María Fernanda Galindo

Director of Photography Juan Hernández

Art Director Christopher Lagunes

Sound Recording Raúl Locatelli

Editor León Felipe González

Sound Design Alejandro de Icaza

Original Music Adrián López 

Postproduction Terminal

Company credits

Produced by Una Comunión

In coproduction with Zamora Films

With the support of Hubert Bals Fund from the IFF Rotterdam 

Filmed thanks to the tax incentive of the article 226 of ISR law (EFICINE- México)


UNAM International Film Festival - Official selection in Competition 2011

New Horizons Film Festival  - Cinema of Mexico, Poland 2012