Children of the Coast

Directed by  Bruno Bancalari

Project in development



An encounter between a group of regional musicians of the Costa Chica (coast of Oaxaca and Guerrero States, Mexico) takes us into the popular culture of the Afro Mexican people, revealing through an idyllic musical portrait, the history of a community that pays tribute to their people, the sea, the countryside and to what connect them to earth, while they struggle to preserve their own identity against the ravages of time.

LOS HIJOS DE LA COSTA (Children of the coast) is a documentary that celebrates part of the legacy and the great influence of the third root -the African root- in Mexico. It portrays regional musicians in their purest form, wrapped in their immediate surroundings and musical traditions. It displays a basic principle in the construction of today's Mexican identity.

Technical info

Documentary | HD | Mexico | Release: 2021


Director Bruno Bancalari

Producers Paola Herrera, Juan Pablo L. Fonseca, Ángel Céspedes

Research & music production Ángel Céspedes

Director of Photography  Santiago Sánchez

Sound Design Alejandro de Icaza

Company credits

Produced by Una Comunión

In coproduction with Elefante